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Landscape BeachHow many of us plan our dream vacation around the stunning vistas we have always wanted to see? Whether it’s a beach vacation in Kauai, Mount Kilimanjaro as the backdrop to an African safari, or the lush rain forests of Costa Rica, we all want to capture the beauty of these natural wonders with our camera.

Where ever your go, here are a few simple tips to consider when vying for that perfect photo.

Think of yourself as an artist painting a painting a landscape. Scout your location in advance, thinking about composition and lighting, especially if you are going to be staying in the same area for a few days.

Lighting: Consider the time of day, and the weather. I always enjoy taking photos on the beach at sunrise. On a calm day, just as the sun peaks over the horizon, your photos can portray the serenity of the waves lapping the beach and seagulls having their breakfast, before beach chairs and umbrellas overtake them.

Whether your backdrop is the ocean or a mountain peak, arrive before sunrise or at least an hour before sunset, and plan to stay a while. Then you can use what photographers call the “Golden Hour of Light.” During these hours the sun sits closer to the horizon and is less intense, creating softer and warmer hues with longer shadows. Learn how the light affects the look and feel of an image; move around a bit and take LOTS of shots.

Composition: Take photos from a variety of angles. Think about the foreground AND the background. Using a naturally occurring small object in the foreground, like a flower, a tree, or even a rock, can illustrate the beauty of the landscape behind it, and make your photo unique.

Landscape CactusMake the most of your Camera: Try using different shutter speeds to play with the lighting and depth of field. This can result in a wide variety of perspectives of the same image. Try using different lenses, which will often give you a wider field of view, and a broader shot of your subject.

Experiment: Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Maybe you will find the perfect shot from climbing that tree, or from lying in the sand.

Most of all HAVE FUN!

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