Culinary Tours: Indulge in Cultural Cuisines

indulge in cultural cuisinesIf you are looking for that motivation to eat healthier or even just a change of pace, Collette has developed the tour for you.

Let’s face it, American food can sometimes become monotonous, the flavors can blur; your taste buds simply develop a tolerance for the cuisine. While your significant other may prepare amazing dishes, awaken your taste buds! Allow your every sense to be stimulated as you take in the fresh smell of handmade pasta or of freshly picked basil as it basks in a rich Italian dish. Don’t stay stuck in your daily dietary routine; let Collette show you the culinary wonders out there that are just a click away.

Thailand, Italy, the Azores, California and France are able to not only satisfy your daily grumbling tummy, but brighten your palate for desirable cravings. Allow your choice of entrée to swim in spices as Collette takes you through the zesty sensations of Thailand in its “Flavors of Thailand” tour. While taking in the beauty of the land, you’re able to marvel at the delicious and freshly prepared courses while first taking notice of the ingredients’ origin during a visit to the Dam noen Saduak floating market and a street food tour of Bangkok. Additionally, travelers have the option of participating in a Thai cooking class truly providing an insight to the culture of the cuisine like no other.

indulge in cultural cuisines 2If the journey to Thailand overwhelms your inner traveler, feel free to dial back a little to the south of France, islands of the Azores or even the northern vineyards of California where Collette provides you with the pairings of a lifetime. The “Colors of Provence,” “France Magnifique” and “Trains, Wineries & Treasures of Northern California” are fit for the experienced and not yet experienced wine connoisseurs. With the opportunity to tour the vineyards of the Vouvray region or the valleys of Napa and Sonoma, Collette gives you the ultimate experience where your taste buds illuminate with rejoice as they are frequently paired with local artisan cheeses, specialty olive oils or the finest chocolate.

Retain these special experiences as more than a memory as multiple tours afford you with hands on cooking demonstrations, teaching you the authentic value of local cooking. If you’d rather not get your hands dirty, watch as the earth cooks your food for you while visiting Furnas Valley and enjoying a native stew heated by its volcanic surroundings, on our “Portugal and Its Islands” tour.  After all who needs an oven when you have volcanic rock?

After completing your scrumptious tour, you’re left with more than photographs and pen pals. You come home with recipes, wine recommendations and insider knowledge of local cuisine you can’t get anywhere else. Release your inner foodie and enjoy the fresh nourishment of foreign cultures!

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