Valentine’s Day On Any Budget

Valentine’s Day may just be your ticket to a weekend of re-ignition full of anxious energy, interaction and romance. Step out of the box this year and truly show your loved one how much you admire their craving for adventure, love for exploration and curious spirit. Immerse your relationship in a world of unknown by sharing a journey together. Instead of buying flowers for her or clothes for him, let the sparks fly and the butterflies flutter as you look at one another in a new light, the light of travel.

Best part is … there’s no minimum or maximum. Allow the art of exploration to take over, engulfing your love and infusing it with new energy. Take a short car ride to the nearest lighthouse for a refreshing stroll at sunset, visit a city famous for its passionate atmosphere—Paris, travel to a culturally diverse district in your locality to enjoy unfamiliar cuisine, take a spontaneous trip to a charming town full of natural and remote beauty; TRAVEL … to the unfamiliar and explore the attraction of not only your destination, but one another.

Stumped for ideas? Explore these options …

Whisk your partner away to a quaint bed & breakfast in a nearby town

Stroll through a public garden with a conclusive romantic dinner

Escape via film;  rent a variety of romantic movies in destinations you’d both love to explore one day

Take a midnight stroll for the opportunity to stargaze

Animal lover? Take your partner to the zoo! They’re meant for all ages!

Get physical! Grab your hiking boots, backpack and lover and hit the trails. Help one another on the difficult terrain and take in the success together as you reach the top

Volunteer together; you may just realize how lucky you both have it, allowing for appreciation to flow

Taste the products of a local winery or brewery

Up, up and away; rise above any tedious arguments you may be having and escape into the clouds as you view breathtaking scenery from a hot air balloon

Art buff? Travel to an unusual art gallery and purchase a trinket to remember the special trip

Adventure into the world of winter romance; ice skating, snowball fights, snow angels, cuddling in the cold and ski lift rides over a dimly lit mountain

Just take a drive. Let the road lead the way and conversation keep you company

The simpler, the better; after all the greatest gift of all is taking a moment in time to enjoy one another.

posted by Nadine Paulo
Nadine Paulo, Travel Writer


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